Understanding Car Financing

Getting a car loan does not have to be difficult or confusing. We can make it simple and easy for you to understand. We will guide you through it step by step.


The all in or total cost of the vehicle which also incorporates any dealer fees, lender fees or any options or add-ons you want on the vehicle. Basically it's the total price of the vehicle which included all fees you pay for the car


The time amount you will be paying for the vehicle. It can be any length within reason usually around 24-72 months.

Interest Rates

The percentage amount that the company lending you the money is charging you on top of the money you are borrowing. Interest rates can vary depending on what company is doing the financing, the term and the risk of the loan.


When you receive your car loan you will be paying the company that financed your car, not the dealership. Some dealerships have their own financing, but many use large institutions like TD Bank, Bank of Montreal to name a few. Simply Cars has partnered with over 250 handpicked dealers across Canada who can help you get a vehicle, when you are typically turned down by traditional lenders. We match you up to a local dealer who will have the best chance of getting you the car you need.

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